Politician's website
Politician's website
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Website thumbnails
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Animated CAD model
PowerPoint presentation
Computer rendering
Website design
CAD scenic design
Technical CAD drawing
Technical CAD drawing
Technical CAD drawing

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Website design
set design
Design with computers

3D CAD Renderings of stage designs, architecture and urban plans.

3D CAD Animations to create dynamic movies and fly-throughs in computer models.

2D Technical Drawings: plans, sections, elevations and details.

Website Design including registering domain names and creating Flash movies and animations.

Website Maintenance to keep sites updated and current.

Document Management to efficiently organise files on computers.

Computer Program Training in using Microstation CAD, AutoCAD, Photoshop graphics, Quark Express web design, PowerPoint presentations, Word word processing and Excel spreadsheets.

COMPUTERS - website design and Maintenance; 3D CAD renderings and animations; 2D CAD technical drawings: plans, sections, elevations and details.


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