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J. William Davis
Theatre Designs

Good design, based on a creative interpretation of the author's ideas, fosters a richer theatrical performance while enhances an audiences enjoyment and involvement with the work.

Both the clothing and settings should be integral to the scene. They are the framework for the actions. They can, where appropriate, exaggerate the meaning of the words spoken, the songs sung and the movements executed on stage.

I bring extensive experience in design and management, developed as an architect and graphic designer, to designing for the theatre.

• Scenic Design

• Costume Design

• Film Production Design

• Theatrical Posters, Programmes + Websites

• One on One AutoCAD + Photoshop Tuition

• Assisting Other Designers

• Computer CAD Design + Draughting

• Model Making

• Storyboards

• Design Research


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The Just - Dora, a Bolshevik terrorist constructs a pipe bomb in this new translation of Albert Camus' play.
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