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Anna Project was developed, performed and filmed in conjunction with director Ian Spink and Group 39 of the Motley Theatre Design Course.

This project was based on newspaper accounts of a true story. Anna, a mentally ill Australian woman who was also a former Qantas flight attendant, escaped from a mental hospital in Sydney. In less than three weeks she had some how managed to walk and hitch rides thousand of miles north without being stopped or questioned despite her erratic behaviour.

This woman was found walking naked by local Aboriginal people outside of Coen, Queensland, in the far north eastern tip of Australia. They took her into their community.

Police later arrested her believing her to be an illegal alien refugee. She was imprisoned in a detention centre outside of Adelaide were she remained for nine months with no mental healthcare treatment for nine months until her family saw a news report about her and claimed her as their own.

Can You SeeHear What I Do?
Suicide is Painless
Do You SeeHear What I Do?-devised in conjunction with R.Evans+ E.Papito-performance + film
People shown scene with,unbeknownst to them,different lighting+music and perceptions discussed.
Anna Project
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