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Stephen Sondheim and Arthur Laurents

The Roundhouse, London

A hated mayoress, faced with her town's bankruptcy, concocts a fake miracle to bring in tourism. During the tourist rush the inmates from the local asylum, the 'Cookie Jar', escape. Doctor Hapgood arrives claiming that he can identify the Cookies and separate them from the sane members of society. The Cookies' nurse refuses to identify her charges and then falls in love with Hapgood. Mayhem ensues until the normal order can be restored restored.

The play is staged in-the-round on a raised platform. Entries and exits are via curving ramps and from the central lift. Changes in the setting occur through the raising and lowering of central elements and in the flying in of the 'Cookie Jar' cage.

Mayoress Hooper competes throughout with the younger Nurse Apple to retain her superior status in the town. She tries to become sexier in her appearance to draw Hapgood away from the nurse.

Fay Apple
Mayoress Cora Hoover Hooper
'Me and
My Town'
'I'm Like
the Bluebird'
around stage
'There's Always a Woman'
Can Whistle'
'You are
All Mad'
Act 1 Scene 1 - 'I'm Like the Bluebird' - Townsquare is filled with boxes, rubble and the Cookie Jar cage.
Anyone Can Whistle