Stephen Sondheim and John Weidman

Cotesloe Theatre, London

Assassins is a twisted celebration of America, a land where any boy can grow up to kill a president. exploring the motives of nine individuals who attempt to assassinate US presidents. Through witty lyrics and an emotive score, it exposes a sinister underside to the American Dream.

The stage is painted in an abstraction of the American flag. In the centre of this space sits a rotating timbre scenic unit. It can be turned 360° to be positioned in numerous different angles to the audience. This unit can be transformed by opening or closing doors, hanging lamps and adding furniture. Through these changes the stage becomes the White House, a fairground shooting gallery, the Ford Theatre in Washington DC, a hide-out in a barn, a bar, the Pan-American Exhibition, death row with an electric chair, a city park, a rumpus room, a prison gallows, a automobile's front seat and the Dallas Book Depository.

The characters are dressed in a patriot pallet of red, white and blue. Each is dressed within the period of their crime. They intermingle into each other's stories without ever leaving their own time.



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Booth and
The Usual
Plan +
rotation diagram
Got the
set details
Dallas Book
'The Ballad
of Guiteau'

'Unworthy of
Your Love'

'Ballad of
Storyboard-main scenic element rotates, doors are opened and closed and furnishing as well as hanging lamps are changed.
National Anthem'