Tennessee Williams

City Lit Theatre, London

Design Tutor: Jenny Carey

fallen ex-boxer's encounters various iconographic characters as he attempts to cross the frontier at the border of a Latin American town into a surreal otherworld, the 'Terra Incognita'.

The setting spills out into the audience. It is constructed from scaffolding tubes which support platforms, signage and banners. A dried up fountain occupies the central focus of the stage. The diagonal road separates the worlds of the lowerclasses from that of the rich.

The costumes are bright and cheerful to contrast with the desperate bleakness of the story.



Stage from
from above
Don Quixote
+ Gluckman
The Gypsy +

Kilroy +
the Patsy
Scaffolding poles bring the set out into the audience. The diagonal road, which divides Skid Row from the Hotel, is interrupted by the fountain. Upstage is the 'Terra Incognita'.
Camino Real

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