Model - inside the flat
Model - kids find birdcage
Model - boys on rooftop
Model - boys on rooftop
Preliminary Costumes
Costume for Carter
Costume for Shirley
Costume for Belinda


Costume for Lark

Costume for Steady
Plans + Sections
Furniture and props


J.Parkes -

The Soho Theatre
, London

Director: Elly Green

This new play is set in 1989 on the roof of a tower block in Hackney on the day prior to demolition. Five young teens scavenge the flats for furniture. In one flat they discover a mummified dead baby, changing their game playing into something more serious.

Shape was given to this work through working with the playwright and director.

The setting evokes the derelict concrete world of the roof as a plane floating in the sky. The flat's clutter mimics the world the kids create on the roof.

The clothes are true to the youth culture street fashion of the period. The colour of the clothing reflects the blue of the sky.

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Preliminary sketch for the set design - floating roof plane, with scattered furniture, plunging through abstracted window framing the sky.
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